Janitorial Service

A Quality professional janitorial service takes more than just doing the job. There are many factors to consider when choosing a commercial janitorial service company in Westchester and the surrounding counties. Some of these considerations are: reputation, job performance, supervision, proper supplies, compliant methods and cost.


It does not take long for commercial janitorial services to become very popular in an area where all the clients are pleased. Reputation is something that cannot be advertised or bought and has to be earned. When a company extends that extra effort in performance, the client knows they have a winner. When a good relationship is formed through good effort, the client is confident in knowing that the job duties will be taken care of in a professional and timely manner. Commercial janitorial services that belong and participate in the local community are also more prone to be more favorably looked upon.

Job Performance

From the first day, a janitorial service company should provide a list of job duties and frequency to the client so everyone knows what is expected. There will always be employees that expect more than what is being delivered and a list can eliminate complaints. Providing a good general job in restrooms and common areas is one of the most tell-tale signs of the job performance.


Most employees that have been through background checks and are qualified to become part of commercial janitorial services are capable of working on their own in a client’s facility. However, everyone has a bad day or an employee may need to call in ill. The job of the supervisor is to make sure that regardless of the situation, the job gets done and gets done well. This also makes an clients feel more at ease by knowing that if an employee is ill, there is someone to take over his duties and keep the services uninterrupted.

Proper Supplies

Quality commercial janitorial services make it their business to know what type of cleaning supplies work well on all surfaces. Making a note of unusual materials or special instructions is something that a trained cleaning service will be keen to.  Using the wrong type of chemical on fixtures or floors can spell disaster and leave a janitorial service looking less than adequate in their skills. Quality commercial janitorial services will train employees to each phase of a job and some even extend training programs for the use of supplies.


In today’s financial climate, any type of price for maintenance is carefully scrutinized. By sitting down and working with a client and offering suggestions as to where labor costs or frequency of cleaning activities can be reduced, a lower monthly price can be achieved. Cutting back is not always easy but by working together, both parties can agree to a compromise.

Quality commercial janitorial services work hard to make sure the customer is serviced to the highest level of standards.

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