Commercial Maintenance Services

Just imagine that all your employees are always spending time keeping the place tidy and trying to maintaining a clean environment for your business. What this will do to your businesses bottom line? This type of thing goes on all of the time in many businesses. Not to mention that it is also equal to hiring people that are not properly trained to follow standard cleaning procedures thereby increasing your risk of harming them or your customers.

McCullough Maintenance can solve your sanitary problems and keep your place of business safe and up to code. We have been offering janitorial and maintenance services Westchester County for over thirty years .

McCullough Maintenance offers you every type Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning service that you can think of or need. Our major services include:

  • Office cleaning and disinfecting
  • Supplying hygiene and paper products
  • Trash Services
  • Cleaning services for various parts of premises like stairs, elevators, entrances, reception, garages, parking etc.
  • Disinfecting and wiping various devices like telephones, computers, tables, chairs, cupboards and other office equipments.
  • Dusting, sweeping and polishing of floors of all types including tile,
  • Cement, slate, marble etc. either through pressure washing or machine scrubbing.
  • Carpet cleaning through vacuuming or steam cleaning through different non-toxic chemicals including the removal of stain and odors.
  • Porter services for daily routine maintenance of washrooms and other areas
  • Pest services in order to maintain healthy environment. Usually, registered pesticides are used to kill various kinds of insects.
  • Construction clean-up like dust and stain removal from various surfaces and washing floors.
  • Sanitize your kitchens, storerooms, sewerage pipes maintenance, water pipes maintenance etc.
  • Glass cleaning, woodwork protection, walls and ceiling leakage during rainy season and many more.

There are many benefits to hiring McCullough Maintenance for your commercial cleaning requirements. First, Our personnel are well-trained and professionally equipped to handle the job better than your staff. The standard operating procedures for being compliant with code in are quite different from ordinary cleaning. McCullough Maintenance can easily manage the compliance as well as practical solutions of the all your janitorial and maintenance. McCullough Maintenance has a single source solution for you so you don’t have to waste salaried or hourly wages to get amateur work done. This helps save your business money by reducing cleaning overhead. Finally the biggest benefit is the elimination of the risks involved if someone gets hurt as a result of negligence.

What you get is a clean and healthy environment – this always has great positive effects on your employees, customers and your business. We help to keep all your employees working healthy. The Cleaning and maintenance of different appliances as well as building constituents helps keep them from deterioration. In view of all these facts, one can easily say that the presence of McCullough Maintenance janitorial service provides a healthier business and a healthier Westchester community.

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