What We Do

McCullough Maintenance is a complete maintenance company that has been servicing Westchester county for the last 30 years. Our main goal it to effectively manage a facility and its needs by preservation and prevention. We pride our services to all types of facilities which include commercial office buildings, schools, houses of worship, daycares, and complete property maintenance.  All our aspects of maintenance services include Janitorial cleaning, Office cleaning, building maintenance, Boiler room maintenance, all aspects of handyman work, Renovation with demolition, Plumbing and repair, Electrical and repair, Landscaping and Snow plowing.

McCullough Maintenance is a one source resolution for all your maintenance needs.

Quality Cleaning

The main focus of quality cleaning is always at the forefront of any business owner’s mind when looking for a cleaning service. In addition to traditional cleaning methods, McCullough Maintenance also offers green cleaning, evolving with the times. Toxin free cleaning solutions and specific duties are now required of commercial cleaning services and selecting a company with the knowledge of today’s business cleaning is imperative. A cleaning service that can provide a list of regular duties, MSDS spec sheets on cleaning supplies and the frequency of chores is a good sign that a company is considerate, well-educated and accountable.


McCullough Maintenance will oversee the purchasing of not only the chemicals needed, but your soap, paper towels and toilet paper. Stopping the flow of janitorial supply salespeople that want to give you a better deal end up taking up your time and may slowly increase the cost of items without your knowledge. A professional janitorial service has the contacts to receive wholesale pricing and can keep you stocked up as part of the cleaning procedure. McCullough Maintenance makes it their business to get the best prices possible in order to stay competitive. We at McCullough Maintenance want to make the purchasing of supplies as easy and seamless as possible, alleviating some of your stress.

Routine Maintenance

A building’s upkeep can be a large expense when you least expect it. Window washing, carpet cleaning and keeping air ducts free from dirt are a few activities that are needed from time to time and receiving quotes on each one of these can be overwhelming. When you have a janitorial service that can perform these chores or take the hassle away by dealing with companies, right into your budget, you have less to worry about. Also having a company that will keep an eye on problems that could be mounting and need care can save you tons of money. Taking notice of mold, leaky pipes or furnace fumes is worth its weight in gold when a janitorial service makes it their job to notify you of a potential crisis.

Exterior Maintenance

Calling for a snow removal company is a given in Westchester County where the coastal region can deliver four to six feet of snow in just a matter of hours. Being on a list of customers that need serviced can leave employees waiting on the parking lot to become cleared before arriving at work, costing thousands of dollars. Slippery sidewalks are another concern and can add up to Worker’s Compensation claims unnecessarily. By having a cleaning service that is skilled in snow and ice cleanup due to inclement weather, your business can operate as smoothly as possible without worry.

McCullough Maintenance is highly skilled and capable of tending to all of your landscaping needs. Springtime brings an entirely new set of problems that require attention from business owners. Mowing grass, weeding, watching for bugs and vermin entering a building due to cracks and holes left by winter freezing and thawing are just a few of pending situations that can be taken off of an already overburdened list.

Highly trained and qualified personnel at McCullough Maintenance will put you at ease and make you feel as if they are part of your own employee team. Supervisors will inspect work and report any problems. Special requests such as construction cleanup after remodeling projects of water damage from a broken refrigerator hose can be taken care of in addition to regular duties with just a phone call away. When you take the time to sit down and discuss all of the cleaning and maintenance performed at your establishment over the past year, it will not take long to realize how beneficial a do-it-all commercial cleaning company can be.

By eliminating service fees from maintenance companies and heading off problems by knowing your building inside and out, the cost is unbelievable. Now is the time to prepare for next year’s budget and bundling your cleaning and maintenance into one affordable package. Start with the new year off right by calling McCullough Maintenance, the experts in facilities services and never worry about additional costs that always seem to creep up for maintenance when least expected.

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